Upload Photos to Facebook Using Windows Live Photo Gallery

Windows Live Photo Gallery is a free, simple to operate program developed by Microsoft. You can find it with Windows update or by going to Microsoft’s download website. Once installed yoursite.com can be found in the beginning menu as its own icon called “Windows Live Photo Gallery” or you can type “Windows Live Photo Gallery” in the “Start” search bar.

Unlike many other programs I have tried in past times for organizing photos, I would have to say Windows Live Photo Gallery is probably the easiest to use. One of the more surprising aspects of WLPG (Windows Live Photo Gallery) is that it incorporates the popular media site Facebook. This enables you to easily upload photos right to your Facebook account.

To utilize Facebook with WLPG you must first have a Windows Live account. If you do not have one you can easily set up. Click the Facebook Icon at the top of the WLPG menu bar in the “Share” section. The “Register to Windows Live” window, will popup. Near the bottom of that window it is possible to click “Subscribe” next to “Don’t have a Windows Live ID?”. While you are finished use your credentials to register. You will also need to give permission for Facebook to connect to WLPG

To send photos directly to your Facebook from WLPG, click one or multiple photos you would like to add. Then click “Facebook” under “Share”. The “Publish on Facebook” window will popup enabling you to select an album to publish to. Here you can create a new album to put photos in or choose from an existing album.

If you are creating a new album for the photos, pick the create new album tab. You will have three categories to fill. First, create you album name, then choose a descriptive text for the album. Last choose who’s able to view the album. While you are finished click “Publish”. Your photos will be delivered to Facebook. Visit your Facebook page and you ought to see your pictures in the brand new album or a preexisting album depending on the options you have chosen.

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