Portable Safety With Door Security Bars

At home, on vacation or traveling for business, safety should always be a concern. Hotel rooms, dorm rooms and campers are very vulnerable to break-ins or invasions. A quick and easy way to add security protection is with the door security bar.

A door security bar is an inexpensive way to detour an unlawful invasion. The bar can be used both at home and away from home. The price varies depending on the features starting from $14.00.
There are several styles of security bars:

• Alarm Security Bar – A high pitch alarm goes off when the door knob turns or shakes. No installation or special hardware needed. Place the bar under the door knob and adjust bar to the necessary door knob to floor height. The construction should be of steel and rubber tip grips to prevent breakage or slipping when the door is pushed. The rubber tips prevent scratching damage to floor. Operates on batteries.

• The dog barking security alarm is another feature of the security bar. The dog barking and high pitch alarms both resets automatically, making it one less thing to worry about.

• Iron Clad Door Security/Door Jam – This security bar is constructed of steel. Provide safety by not allowing an intruder easy entry into residence. Rubber tip to prevent slipping when the Door Push Bar or scratching damage to floor is a standard feature. The bar adjusts easily with a slide bar and is portable. The portable feature is convenient for travelers to take on trips.

The typical door security bar is constructed of heavy tempered gauge carbon steel. The bar should be adjustable to fit from 29″ to 43″ from floor to door knob. If the bar has an alarm feature, and batteries are required, the batteries should be standard voltage for convenience.

The security bar also comes in styles that are for commercial or business use. When used in a commercial or business setting, bars are available for wood and steel doors. The bars come with panic hardware.


• Touch Bar Panic Device – Alarm goes off when bar is pushed. The touch bar styles are recommended for wood, hollow and aluminum doors. The bar is crafted from heavy duty stainless steel. The starting cost $165.00

• Vertical Rod Panic Device – Same principle applies as with the touch bar, however the bar placed vertically on the door surface. The added feature is the bar can be placed on a right or left swing door. The vertical rod is recommended for wood, hollow and aluminum doors. The bar is crafted with high grade aluminum. The starting cost is $300.00

• CVS or Concealed Vertical Rod – The panic rod is concealed in a standard looking door latch. The alarm is activated when pressure is applied to open door. The concealed rod can be used on narrow doors because of its compact design. The bar is crafted from aluminum. The starting cost $195.00

• The Crash Bar – Same features as the above models in regards to alarm. This style is designed for narrow hollow or aluminum doors. The bar is made from aluminum. The starting cost $160.00
The prices given are only for reference purposes. Prices will vary depending on the regional area and facility where items are purchased.

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