How To Land A Style Magazine Internship

Landing an internship at a fashion magazine appears like a dream to many girls. Surrounded by glamour and celebrities, styling shoots and getting surrounded by tons of designer clothing. And let’s not overlook the perks: free of charge designer items. But Fashion Blog ‘s a difficult job, and prior to you can even find that out aspiring fashion magazine interns have to compete with thousands of other girls to get the job. Here’s a handful of pointers on how to do it.

Always method a style magazine internship like you would any other job. You are going to want to submit a resume, cover letter and references unless stated otherwise. Depending on the magazine they may possibly want writing samples as properly. Tailor your cover letter to each person magazine. Be certain to mention current organization events in the cover letter. For example, congratulate them on a unique challenge or rising their circulation this let’s them know you have accomplished your homework.

Close your cover letter with your objective, but leave this off of your resume. You want your objective to show you will benefit them, not vice versa. If you want to study from the practical experience and hopefully turn your fashion magazine internship with them into a complete time job that is terrific. But spin it in such a way to make it sound like you will be providing them a thing.

Be confident you know your stuff ahead of going in to the interview. Of course this contains company details, but it really is undoubtedly not restricted to that. Even the fashion magazine interns want to know all the things there is about style. Know designers, know the models, know the stylists, know the photographers. And not just by name, know their types and what makes them unique. If they ask you what designers you would pull to place together a demure look, don’t say Cavalli or Versace. If they ask you who your best 3 preferred models of the moment are, leave everyone with a Victoria’s Secret contract off the list. You get the image.

This likely goes with out saying, but I’ll say it anyways: even these wanting a style magazine internship will need to dress to kill. A lot of style magazine editors have mentioned that they look for girls who can mix higher end pieces with discount pieces and a touch of vintage. Your appears must absolutely be trendy but nevertheless proper. Accessorize, but do not more than accessorize. Wear excellent shoes that look costly.

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