Easter messages to be send via SMS, thoughts that you can send to your friends on the occasion of the Holy Easter Holidays


Christians celebrate during Easter, The resurrection of Lord, either surrounded by friends or relatives. During this days, on the families reunions, the most common custom is to crack red Easter eggs, whose presence is mandatory on the Easter table. Be the first to send a Easter message to your friends and wish them a happy holiday!

Mesaje de Paste acquired and translated in English

Once a year is Easter. A special day, enriched by the flavour of traditional dishes and the scent of spring flowers and yours! Happy Easter!

For some, Easter is a time of family reunion, when they want peace and joy. For others, it is a day when they have a little more fun or miss work or school. For me, it’s just a wonderful day, which I want to share with you. Happy Easter!Those who fight to bring peace, those who hate to know how to love, and those who are rich to learn to give. Christ is risen!I hope Easter strengthens your confidence and hope! Christ is risen!May the light of the Savior’s Resurrection flood your home and bring you only harmony, happiness, and much love. Happy Easter!May the joy of the Lord’s Resurrection bring peace, peace and happiness to your soul to spend these magical moments with your loved ones. Christ is risen!Joy comes from small things. Peace comes from the soul. The light comes from everyone’s heart. Happy Easter!May the holy celebration of the Lord’s Resurrection bring you the 4 divine mysteries: trust, light, love, hope. Unforgettable moments with your loved ones and only achievements!There’s so much light around for each of us. Let the light enter the house of your soul and you will feel truly fulfilled. Christ is risen!I would like to spend Easter together. Although I know it is not possible, I will be with you with my soul and may the hope of the Resurrection bring you to me almost soon! Happy Easter!Rediscover the sincere feelings that are sheltered in your soul, be better with those who need love and support and as loving and full of warmth as only you know how to be! Happy Easter!May the resurrection of the Lord fill your soul with light, your eyes with tears of joy, your mind with beautiful thoughts and your heart with love! CHRIST IS RISEN! ”Today, on this special day, let peace and tranquility descend. May the miracle of the resurrection of Jesus last in your hearts, enlighten your life and bring you the rebirth of faith, hope, joy with kindness and warmth in your souls! Christ is Risen! ”May God give you a rainbow at every storm, a smile at every tear, a blessing at every step, a promise at every care and an answer to every question! May the resurrection of the Lord bring joy and love to your soul. Happy Easter, with your loved ones! ”May the resurrection of the Lord bring you harmony in the house and in thought, reconciliation and the rediscovery of wisdom in the family. Christ is risen!A white-nosed bunny came to you on the doorstep. Bring you a red egg to fill your basket. Christ is risen! ”There are days when we must remember to be better, more full of love, with a warm and open heart, when the holy light descends into our homes and hearts. Happy Easter!May the light and warmth of Easter warm our souls, enlighten our minds, open our hearts to love, faith and forgiveness. Let us be better, let us fully enjoy the beauty of all the things around us and give love to our loved ones. Happy celebrations!Christ is risen! The feast of the Lord’s Resurrection blessed by the holy light bring you warm feelings, riches and well-being into a reddish egg of love and a delicious cake like goodwill.Easter is a promise that God renews every spring. May the promise of Easter fill your heart with peace and joy! Happy Easter!





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