This beautiful Butterfly vibrator has the wings of a butterfly in terms of speed and the strength of a mule in terms of power. The uniquely designed rabbit vibrator is deliberately built with an extra girth for a greater sense of fullness, which is complemented by the impressive 8” length for deeper stimulations. The Butterfly is made of premium quality body-safe elastomer; and features tracked pearls that light up with various colors, it has a softly rounded tip and a bulbous non-realistic head with textured ribs to tease, and caress your vaginal walls for a deeply satisfying internal massage. The middle of the shaft has broader ribbing coupled with spinning pleasure beads; that combine their sensual spins with the intense vibrations to offer an unrivaled blend of mind-blowing sensations. Somewhere around the middle is the Butterfly-shaped clitoral stimulator, this little clit massager has its own independent and extremely powerful vibrator, the tickler is designed to be very close to the shaft, which in turn allows the stimulator to enfold the clitoris, giving unbelievable sensations to the entire vulval area, the extremely tickly Butterfly antennae will tickle and massage the clitoris, the antennae is supported by a finger-like protrusion on the side, while the wings also flap to tease the clit as well. With 4 AA batteries for optimum powe Ball Dividers and Stretchers, the shaft has a really fast and furious rotation force than most vibes, in addition; the way the LED lights come alive adds an erotic visual appeal that’s just beyond words. The built-in control pad houses the 3 different controls, there’s a power button that easily turns the toy on or off with a slide, while two separate knobs control the independent motors as you gently tune the knobs up or down. Note that the shaft does not vibrate, its vibrations are concentrated at the tip but it does however feature spinning sensations courtesy of the spinning beads. An amazing 8” in length and a girth of 5” will get you gliding through space in defiance of gravity like a butterfly.https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2351/2959/collections/bijoux-indiscrets.jpg?v=1542787418

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