Banksy’s Art

Banksy is a well-known, London-based graffiti artist, graffiti vandal, political activist, political candidate, and artist. His controversial political street art and street graffiti executed in a unique stenciling style combine dark humor with graffiti to form a unique style. His work is a great look into the mind of a street graffiti artist who has a lot of good points to make. I recently had a chance to talk to him about his artwork and his background as an artist.

For those of you who do not know who Banksy is, he is a famous British street artist. He was born in London and grew up there in Brixton, a gritty area of South-east London. During his time there he made a name for himself by vandalizing the properties of the rich and powerful. humour t-shirts -known favorite of people who see Banksy’s work are members of the British military. He is known to have written graffiti about the Iraq war on his wall.

Banksy is a highly respected street artist and has been featured on national and international news and radio programs as an artist working on his political campaign. His work is well known in the UK and abroad and has received much attention. Recently, a documentary called “Banksy: The Man Who Sold The World” was released on the internet. This film was made by a company called Skylight Films, who worked closely with Banksy to produce this movie. It is a great look at Banksy’s early years and how they came to be.

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